There is a huge variety of the ever popular snowdrop – Galanthus genus. For many, they are a favourite first flower in the garden but can stretch over a longer season than you might imagine. Galanthus reginae-olgae are the first to make an appearance in November whilst Galanthus plicatus flowers right through to March. They also are happiest grown in dry shade so can illuminate those dark spots in the garden.

Double snowdrops have the added perk that once the flowers open, they stay open. This means on those dreary winter days, they remain visible, even from a distance. Plant them in amongst dormant perennials and they will never overwhelm the perennials nor vice versa. Galanthus ‘Blewbury Tart’ is an unusual clone with striking colour effects and the double flowers are held upright giving it a distinctive, individual appearance.

Another favourite of ours are Galanthus ‘December Green Tip’ with flaring broad petals, grey foliage and does what it says on the tin. Bob says, remember to pick them – “they’ll be better appreciated on the breakfast table and might even be scented!” One more to note is Galanthus reginae-olgae ‘Tilebarn Jamie’ which offers two flowers per bulb and is a vigorous delight.

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