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Founded by Bob Brown, Cotswold Garden Flowers is a specialist plant nursery located in Evesham, Worcestershire supplying easy and unusual hardy herbaceous perennials.


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A Rum Do?

(Reproduced from ‘Cotswold Garden Flowers’ catalogue 2004 and amended under lockdown in April 2020.) Winter is coming as I write on 13th October.  Gardeners are a special group of people who do not live for the moment – what drives them on is the future.  When they...

Alliums in March

ALLIUM TRIQUETRUM It’s very beautiful, immensely invasive, a problem weed in the west of Britain and, I’ve discovered today, wonderful in pesto. Mine arrived on the nursery God knows how.  I try to dig it up and pull off the seed heads before the seed is released but...

Flowering Currant Investigations

What’s not to like? Late winter and early spring are dominated by yellow flowers and here’s a red.  OK mixed with yellow it might offend some people, but I reckon the biggest reason it’s avoided is snobbery.  People aren’t satisfied with its effects.  They don’t grow...


Have you noticed how good they are this year?  There’s more flower and the leaves have much less fungal rust than normal.  Overall, they simply look super.  These days they’re rarely planted.  The ones you see have probably self-sown over generations from plants sown...

How our mail order works

Here are a few answers to common questions about our Mail Order Service. We aim to sell plants that are large enough for you to dig a hole and plant them straight away.We supply plants that are the same as you would get if you came to the nursery.Not every plant we...

January Jobs

Plan the garden for the year ahead Now is the perfect opportunity to check for gaps in the borders. Evergreens provide structure all year round and give winter interest. Consider leaf- shape and shine and those plants with berries such as Danae racemosa and Viburnum...

January’s Plant of the Month

Correa reflexa var. nummularifolia To my mind this is the best Correa. It’s hardy to about -13C (others are only hardy to about -6C) and it’s compact and shapely (others are leggy and gawky). They all bloom overwinter starting in mid autumn or earlier. I prefer selfs...

National collection of Nerines

Ed (my son) has taken over Steve Eyres’ collection of tender Nerine sarniensis cultivars.  Steve had to move house and no longer had anywhere to house them.  It’s a bit of a responsibility. Nerines are those astonishing sparkling lily-like flowers that flower autumn...

About Cotswold Garden Flowers

Cotswold Garden Flowers provides unusual perennials, grown locally at our propagation site in Offenham. As plants are raised here in the Cotswolds, you can be assured that all are well acclimatised to our climate. Bob Brown and his son Ed have travelled the globe in search of exciting, new plants to bring into cultivation – bred not only for colour and form but for vigour too. Some of these now more commonly known, such as Fatsia Japonica ‘Spiders Web,’ Crocosmia ‘Hellfire’ and Pulmonaria ‘Diana Clare’ were introduced by our very own Browns family.

Plants can be purchased via our website for mail order, or feel free to visit our retail nursery and gardens in Badsey. We also attend a selection of wonderful plant shows all over the country throughout the year.

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